Flatten the Fear Philippines

Unity Statement

We, the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDC Ph), hereby declare the following: 

We believe that we must heed the call made by no less than President Duterte himself to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Thankfully, we know more about Covid19 today than we did several months back. We now know that the best immediate solution for the Philippines is a dramatically effective, safe, inexpensive, readily available, evidence-based intervention focusing on early treatment and home-care quarantine for most patients and prophylaxis for high-risk individuals such as our front-liners.

We propose to the President that the Philippines adopt a national protocol for the prophylaxis and early treatment of COVID-19 that aims to reduce hospitalization and prevent loss of lives.

With this solution in mind, we appeal to the President to lift all lockdowns to allow our people to begin to rebuild their lives.

We would be more than willing to sit down with the IATF to go over our suggested protocol and its administration, the details of which could then be immediately cascaded down to the barangay units via their primary health care workers.

Once these measures are adopted, there will no longer be a need to choose between saving the economy and saving precious Filipino lives.

With the good health of both our economy and our people assured, we will truly begin to heal as one.


Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines